Dear Colleagues,

We are privileged and honored to announce the 55th Congress of National Diabetes Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders.

Diabetes has become a more severe condition for patients and healthcare professionals in terms of its increasing prevalence in our country and in a global scale. The growing number of medical therapy options and technologic developments are highly promising. However, there is still room for improvement regarding the prevention of diabetes, early diagnosis and efficient treatment. The interdisciplinary cooperation and information exchange is essential for the scientific developments to be reflected on the fight against diabetes.

National Diabetes Congresses which bring physicians, diabetes nurses and dieticians from various specialties together are considered as key opportunities for making our voices heard. Congress will be held in Concorde Hotel, TRNC between 24th and 27th April, 2019. The programme will start with the Cardiometabolic Diseases Symposium, Diabetes Technologies Symposium and Insulin Workshop.

Besides, as one of the international aspects of the Congress, the 7th Meeting of Diabetes in Asia Study Group of International Diabetes Federation will be held between 25th and 27th April.

Known for their rich content, National Diabetes Nursing Symposium and Diabetes Dietitians’ Symposium will be held within the scope of the Congress.

Diabetes is the most common chronic disease in the world. The primary aim of the treatment of diabetes, prevention, will be discussed.

The Scientific Committee of the Congress has decided to include a wide variety of topics such as the physiopathology of diabetes complications, prevention and treatment strategies primarily. The latest data will be sophisticatedly discussed both by the Turkish scientists who devote their life to fight against diabetes and peerless speakers from different continents.

limited attendance meeting.

Hoping to meet you and share our knowledge between 24th and 27th .


Prof. Dr. Zeynep Oşar Siva
President of the 55th
National Diabetes Congress
Prof. Dr. M. Temel Yılmaz
President of the Turkish Diabetes Association
Prof. Dr. Fırat Bayraktar
Vice President of the 55th
National Diabetes Congress
Prof. Dr. Selçuk Dağdelen
Vice President of the 55th
National Diabetes Congress